Blackout Privacy Window Tinting Film 60" Wide Rolls

Blackout Privacy Window Tinting Film 60" Wide Rolls
Blackout Privacy Window Film Blackout Privacy Window Film Blackout Privacy Window Tinting Film


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Window Film Rolls
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Blackout Window Tinting Film

Blackout window film is completely opaque and provides both daytime and nighttime privacy. This privacy film has a glossy finish on the interior side. It has a scratch-resistant coating on its interior side, so it can be installed and washed repeatedly without scratching. Blackout window films makes glass safer if broken, by holding broken glass together, reducing fallout of shards, and is considerably more durable than black paint, which can crack and split in months.

Note: Blackout window film is not recommended for installation on dual-pane windows. Dual-pane windows have a seal that may be compromised when too much heat is absorbed by the window. If your windows are dual-pane, we recommend you choose Whiteout Window Film to block visibility without overheating your window.


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