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Exterior 4 Mil Clear Safety Window Tinting Film

$ 125.42
  • Add protection to your glass in addition to solar benefits
  • Shards of glass remain stuck to film if glass is broken
  • Thicker films make it difficult to penetrate the glass
  • 99% UV barrier protects you and your furnishings

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  • Exterior 4 Mil Clear Safety window tinting film is designed to be applied on the outside of your windows. They are used primarily when there is some reason why the film cannot be applied to the interior of the glass, such as obstructions or existing graphics. They are designed to weather the elements better than interior films, but because they are applied to the exterior, their life expectancy is less than their interior counterparts. Safety window films add protection to your glass in addition to solar benefits. When struck by an object, the glass will remain intact on the applied film and save you the mess and danger of shattered pieces everywhere. In addition, anyone trying to break through the glass will not be able to penetrate the thick, durable film.
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    Solar Specs PDF (Click here)

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