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We carry a full line of window tinting tools for the professional installer, as well as the do-it-yourselfer. Finding the right tool for the job is easy.

  • Triumph Scraper Blades, 6-inch
    Save 20%
    Original price $ 41.99
    Current price $ 33.60

    Triumph Scraper Blades, 6-inch

    Triumph Scraper Blades, 6-Inch Used to prepare glass for tinting, these blades fit the 6" Triumph Scraper and 6" Triumph Angled Scraper. 25 Blade...

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  • Olfa SS Breakaway Blades, 50 pack
    Save 13%
    Original price $ 44.30
    Current price $ 38.40

    Olfa SS Breakaway Blades, 50 pack

    Olfa Stainless Steel Breakaway Blades These high-quality stainless steel breakaway blades fit all of the knives sold on our site. Fifty blades pe...

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  • Plastic Knife
    Save 35%
    Original price $ 6.51
    Current price $ 4.20

    Plastic Knife

    Plastic Knife An inexpensive, yet durable, knife for those who have only a small job to do or who tend to lose their tools.

  • Triumph Scraper, 6-inch, Angled
    Save 12%
    Original price $ 37.24
    Current price $ 32.80

    Triumph Scraper, 6-inch, Angled

    Triumph Scraper - 6 Inch Angled This lightweight, flat-glass scraper is used in the first phase of glass preparation. Angled head allows for addit...

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  • Olfa Stainless Steel Knife
    Save 20%
    Original price $ 18.64
    Current price $ 14.99

    Olfa Stainless Steel Knife

    Olfa Stainless Steel Knife Also known as the Olfa Silver, this all stainless steel model features a slide lock and pocket clip/blade snapper.

  • Single Edge Razor Blades, 100 pack
    Save 28%
    Original price $ 13.88
    Current price $ 9.99

    Single Edge Razor Blades, 100 pack

    Single-Edge Razor Blades Multi-purpose blades for scraping and trimming. These American Line blades fit all standard razor blade tools. 100 per box.

  • Triumph Scraper, 6-inch
    Save 21%
    Original price $ 28.47
    Current price $ 22.40

    Triumph Scraper, 6-inch

    Triumph Scraper - 6 Inch This lightweight, flat-glass scraper is used in the first phase of glass preparation. Not recommended for automotive use...

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  • Red Dot Knife
    Save 35%
    Original price $ 24.96
    Current price $ 16.10

    Red Dot Knife

    Red Dot Knife The Red Dot is the choice of professionals everywhere. Designed for left- or right-handed use. Equipped with auto-locking blade slide.

  • American Line Mini-Scraper
    Sold out
    Original price $ 2.98
    Current price $ 2.10

    American Line Mini-Scraper

    American Line Mini-Scraper - 3 Inch Locking design keeps blade secure. Rugged design. Removes paint and adhesives.

  • Save 32%
    Original price $ 17.70
    Current price $ 11.99

    Triumph Scraper Blades, 3-Inch

    Triumph Scraper Blades, 3-Inch Used to prepare glass for tinting, these blades fit the 3" Triumph Scraper. 10 Blades per box.

  • $ 4.99

    Retractable Razor Scraper

    Retractable Razor Scraper Use to remove excess paint or stickers from windows and other surfaces. Push/pull action locks blade in place for u...

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  • Triumph Scraper, 3-inch
    Save 20%
    Original price $ 18.81
    Current price $ 14.99

    Triumph Scraper, 3-inch

    Triumph Scraper - 3 Inch This smaller scraper is designed for small windows in residential applications, yet works great for automotive film remo...

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  • NT Cutter Cartridge Knife
    Save 18%
    Original price $ 32.47
    Current price $ 26.60

    NT Cutter Cartridge Knife

    NT Cutter Cartridge Knife Professional tinting knife with refill cartridge that holds up to 5 blades.