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Exterior Plexi 6 Mil Clear Window Tinting Film

$ 488.40

    Clear film safeguarding plastic substrates from scratches, discoloration and graffiti.

    Stops graphic vandals, with:

    • Wipe-clean surface that shrugs off most spray, paint, acid and pen
    • Sacrificial film to protect against etching and gouging

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    • From bus shelters to acoustic barriers, Plexi 6 Mil Clear window film safeguards plastic glazing from graffiti, vandalism and everyday wear and tear.

      Note: Metallized film may cause disruption to radio and gps systems on some vehicle models, for instance, those with antennas in the glass. If this is a concern, we recommend Premium Non-Reflective film.

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      Install Instructions PDF (Click here)

      Product Features PDF (Click here)

      Solar Specs PDF (Click here)

      Mechanical Specs (Click here)

    • Products normally ship in 1 - 3 business days.