NEW! Plexi Window Tinting Film for Plastic Windows

In the past, we have never recommended applying window film to plastic glazing, such as Plexiglas. Using traditional film could result in ugly blisters and ruined plastic. But is pleased to announce Plexifilm. Available in Exterior Silver 20% VLT, and Exterior 6-Mil Anti-Graffiti, Plexifilm looks and performs as well as the best traditional films, but will not damage your plastic windows. See individual products for their properties and specifications.
Exterior Plexi Silver Window Film
from $ 100.97

Exterior Plexi 2 Mil Silver 20% VLT Window Tinting Film

Solar control designed especially for vertical or steeply sloped plastic glazing 82% glare reduction for a pleasant, dazzle-free interior 99% UV ...

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Clear Plexi Window Film
from $ 96.97

Exterior Plexi 6 Mil Clear Window Tinting Film

Clear film safeguarding plastic substrates from scratches, discoloration and graffiti. Stops graphic vandals, with: Wipe-clean surface that shrug...

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