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Benefits Of Window Tinting

There are many benefits of high quality window tinting for homes. Window tinting can reduce up to 85% of the heat from the sun, give 99% rejection of ultraviolet rays, and reduce 95% of glare. Window films can also offer complete privacy during the day. Films come in varying degrees of light transmission so you can pick the window film that best meets your individual needs. Whether you’re looking for comfort, beauty or savings, window tint has something to offer

Comfortable Environment - Combating Heat & Glare

Keeping It Cool

Any sunlit environment is subject to problems like heat, glare, and fluctuating temperature. We know that it is important to keep employees, clients, guests and shoppers comfortable. Window tint blocks out significant amounts of solar energy, in addition to softening the light, balancing the temperature, and maintaining a comfortable environment all year round.

For the most heat reduction, check out Dual-Reflective window films, which provide a highly reflective outside layer for excellent heat rejection, while keeping your inside view glare-free.

Save on Energy Costs

Homes of any size will save money by maintaining a consistent balanced climate. Businesses will see an immediate return on investment in the form of lower energy costs each month. In summer months, about 40% of your utility costs come from heat gain through windows. Commercial or residential window tinting reduces heat gain by up to 80%, resulting in significantly less use of air conditioning.

What are the right product recommendations for this application:

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Window Tinting FilmsWindow Tinting FilmsWindow Tinting Films

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Interior Protection - Slow The Effects Of Sun Exposure

Home Furnishings

Protect the valuable contents of your home with window tinting films. Interior space can experience damaging and harmful effects of solar heat and UV rays from the sun, such as fading of furniture, carpet, hardwood floors, and draperies. Sunlight can also cause warping of wood, and shortens the lifespan of digital products and electronics.

Solar window film both reflects and absorbs heat passively, which prevents up to 70% of incoming solar heat from making its way into the house. Window films can also reject up to 99% of destructive UV light. These factors combine to greatly slow the inevitable damage from the sun.

Protecting Your Most Valuable Assets

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation from sunlight (referred to as UVA or UVB) can damage more that just furnishings; it can be harmful to your eyes and skin, which can lead to skin cancer. One in five Americans are living with skin cancer, so protecting your family is critical.

UV rays also account for about 90% of the symptoms of premature skin aging. Almost all window films will block 99% of both UVA and UVB radiation, even those that allow in a great deal of light. So even a very light window film can make a huge difference to the health of your family.

We recommend the following products for this application:

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Window Tinting FilmsWindow Tinting FilmsWindow Tinting FilmsWindow Tinting Films

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Beauty & Privacy - Add Sophistication To Your Space

Increase Perceived Value

Although solar window tint isn’t directly intended for decoration, fresh window tint can have an immediate impact on the appearance of your home or building. The darkened windows make your home look sharp and comforting. For homes it offers welcoming escape from the hot summer weather, and it makes businesses look more professional. It allows curtains or blinds to remain open, bringing in natural light and allowing the maximum outdoor view.

Protection From Prying Eyes

Privacy provides comfort and security. Tinting can prevent strangers from peering through windows by making it difficult to see through them during the day. A passerby will see only their reflection instead of the contents of your home. Many homeowners install tinting to windows in heavy traffic areas in order to still enjoy the outside view. Unlike curtains or blinds, film allows you to easily see who is approaching a door or pulling into a driveway.

We recommend the following products for this application:

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Window Tinting FilmsWindow Tinting Films


So Where Do I Start?

Your tinting project always begins with window measurements. You need to determine the amount of film you need for your project. The following graphic shows the basics of window measurement.

Window Tinting

Windows are generally measured in inches. Once you have measured all the windows you want to tint you can either purchase films that are cut to size for each individual window or purchase films by the roll that allow you to cut them to size yourself.

NOTE: On films that are cut to size we need the exact dimensions of your window. We will provide the film slightly oversize so that you can trim to exact size during installation.